Educar has been involved with training 12 volt professionals on process, theory, and system design for many years. These articles address the process of selling, installing, tuning, and how to present new audio system technologies effectively.
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OK, now that we’ve dispensed with the good news, let’s cover other news.

2020 has been a chaotic year for many of us, personally and professionally. While some industries have been decimated by shutdowns, our retail stores have been busier than at any time in years. We regularly hear of shops booked three weeks out who are used to same-day installation, of shops spending half their day finding product for the jobs they’ve sold because so many suppliers have run out of stock, and even how ticket sizes have increased as customers buy better gear than some of us are used to.
It’s important to remember that not everyone is enjoying this commercial success right now. Some suppliers have laid off staff to survive t...

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