Educar has been involved with training 12 volt professionals on process, theory, and system design for many years. These articles address the process of selling, installing, tuning, and how to present new audio system technologies effectively.
“Why Did Things Get So Complicated?”

"I’ve been in this business for decades”, says the longtime shop owner. “This business used to be simple. Why did things get so complicated?”

1. It didn’t make sense for the car radio display, controls, and functions to remain isolated from everything else in the car. Logical progress here has made head units difficult to replace.

We live in a time where we can buy refrigerators and doorbells with Internet access built in. Expecting a screen, speakers, and buttons on a car dash to be reserved for us in a 4x7 rectangle might have been a bit optimistic.
We probably noticed it first with GM in North America. The chimes started sounding through the OEM head unit, and OnStar telematics used the audio system for the handsfree communication with the driver.
BMW and then GM started using network-controlled audio systems, where the amplifier had the preamplifier functions in it - rather than in the in-dash receiver - and a proprietary network connection relayed commands like “turn on” and “volume up one click” back to the amplifier.
Mercedes and then Jaguar used a new fiber-optic network technology called D2B to connect t...

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