This article is based on the concepts in Educar’s 12 Keys to Sustainable Selling

Some of you know the Four Steps of the Educar Sales Process:


Today, I’m going to talk about the first step - the Introduction.

Introduce - to cause to be acquainted.

This step covers everything that happens before you start to investigate their problem.
Imagine that someone is looking into making a purchase. They might ask for recommendations on Facebook. They might research using Google, YouTube, or Yelp. They might look at various web sites, including your store’s web site.
So, before a potential client drives to your store, or calls, or emails, they have some experience of you, right? They may have seen your ad, or read your Yelp reviews, or Googled you. They have some feeling about you.
And you can’t control all the information they’ve seen.
If you own the store, you control the website and the Facebook page, and you control your ads. If you’re an employee, you might have no influence at all over those things.

But none of you have direct control over what someone finds on Yelp, or using Google, or hears on Facebook. Even if you’ve built the best reputation ever, you can’t control those things.
What you can do is know about them. When you first greet a potential client, you could know what they might have heard about you, or seen on Yelp, ...

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