Educar has been involved with training salespeople on sales process and system design for many years. This space will address both the process of selling, and how to present new audio system technologies effectively.

It’s been the first part of a car-audio sale for decades. In the 80’s, we used compact-chassis shaft mount decks in the Toyota HiLux pickups when we could, to clear the right-side curve on the dash. In Volvo sedans, we used dual-cone 4” or a handful of coaxial with very-low-profile tweeters, so they could still clear the OEM grille. Navigating problems like this for the customer was the mark of professional.
Well, OEM systems today are giving us the question “what fits?” a new wrinkle.
The very first time I did an OEM audio integration, the signal was flat, full-range stereo - left and right had all the music, and the left and right were in phase with each other everywhere. Eventually I ran into some systems where the signal was equalized, but it was still stereo. Then I found some where the signal was actively crossover-filtered, and wasn’t full-range - but we could sum the channels back together and get back to stereo. Then I ran into some 7.1 upmixed systems, with center channels and two sets of rear channels - but I could turn off the upmixer in the tone-control menu and get back to good old “stereo”.
We can’t expect “stereo” any longer.

There are 5.1 and 7.1 upmixed systems which can...

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