Recently I was contacted by a high-school friend who asked if I could assist her husband with selecting an audio upgrade. I’ve been asked recently to show how I quote via email, so here’s that email with the pics and contents I used. 
The final job ended up around $7500 with lighting and sound damping (I forgot to include it in the original proposal, which was my error - I’m a bit out of practice, been out of retail for three years!)
Hi, Mike, nice to virtually meet you. 
Sorry about the delay, I’ve been a little swamped.  So you have a 2014 Tundra CrewMax with JBL. 
I’m going to give you a lot of data. Forgive me :) First some explanation, then some links, then some overall prices, then detailed line-item proposals at the end.
I also need to stipulate something. For ten years, I was co-owner of Musicar Northwest, the best shop in the northwest. They're here in Portland, I'm on good terms with them, they take care of me all the time, I spun off our training business and I do training for car-audio professionals now. I've been doing this 30+ years, and Musicar is the best shop around, but we weren't the cheapest then and we aren't now, just as a heads-up. If you want to see some cool projects, check out their Facebook page  . The work they do is amazing. Since I left, they do even more exotics and radar/laser systems, but my old partner Tom loves Toyotas and they do plenty of them as well. 

We hope you enjoyed this preview!

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