Vehicle OEM Analysis

2017 VW Tiguan Classic, Base Audio


The 2017 model year saw two different Volkswagen Tiguan models in the US. The previous platform continued on, while the new platform was introduced, overlapping in sales.

An old friend of the family picked up a 2017 Classic Tiguan with low miles, and contacted me about an audio upgrade.

We tested the signal, and here’s what we found. As per the Educar standard approach, we don’t specify wire colors. We aren’t trying to serve as a substitute for testing the wires, we only want to serve as a guide for what to sell and install. You should always test the wires.

As expected, this VW head unit had a dynamic EQ curve. The output was roughly flat at about 9 clicks out of 30.

Below 9 clicks, the low bass was boosted .

Above 9 clicks, the bass was progressively attenuated below 80 Hz.

We tried to reprogram this radio – an MIB2 Entry – with a VAG-COM to have a flat response. We have had good results with this tactic in the past, but the Ross-Tech software wouldn’t even SEE this radio as being present in the car. The MIB2 Entry is fairly uncommon – unlike the MIB2, it’s a single chassis with the CD slot inside, rather than external in the glove box.

In a future issue, we will document the upgrade we performed.