What do we need to measure?
I recently watched a seminar on advanced tuning delivered by my friend and colleague, Steve Turrisi of JL Audio. 
I greatly enjoyed it. Steve takes this sort of thing very seriously, which is all too rare in our field, and any technician would be well-served to watch this two-part presentation. 
Plus, I think that “tuning” is “measuring the system and correcting the problems”, as I’ve heard it described (correct attribution is Andy Wehmeyer’s friend Ulrich, I believe). And it’s hard to describe Steve’s class as anything other than that.
That said, there were a few things I was unclear about, and a few things I disagreed with. 
Soon after, I talked to Steve over the phone and cleared up the biggest questions I had about the presentation.
Fundamentally, I will describe Steve’s advanced process as “measure the impulse response, analyze the resulting amplitude and phase responses, then correct for amplitude and phase both”. Which sounds sensible, right? However, in the commercial car-audio environment, it’s not something I would rush into.
I also recently read Sound System Design and Optimization by Bob McCarthy. It’s all about pro sound, but it’s an interesting read for anyone interested in sound, even if around half of it isn’t applicable to what we do. Bob was a pro sound engineer who then got involved in the development of an impulse-re...

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