Speakers are meant to create air-pressure changes. 

Audison AP6.5P midwoofer

 Let’s take one speaker. Let’s use the most popular size in car audio - the 6.5” round speaker. 
That speaker can play an amazing range of notes. It can play from pretty low in the bass - 80 Hz for sure, maybe even lower in some cases - and it can play up to roughly 2kHz or so before it starts to roll off from the listener’s perspective in a car door. 

But one 6.5 just isn’t loud enough. What do we do? 
We can give it more power. But each time we double the electrical power we send to the speaker, we only get 3dB more output - and 3dB isn’t that much. It’s noticeable, but it’s not impressive. 
Cone Area
We need more cone area - another speaker. So now we have two speakers playing the same notes. Double the cone area gets us a potential 3dB increase. 

Two Speakers

Audison AP6.5P midwoofer

Audison AP6.5P midwoofer

Power and Cone Area
Now let’s give that added speaker another amp channel, same as the first. We have doubled the electrical power of the sound system. That’s another 3dB! That’s 9dB we’ve gained! Now, we are getting somewhere. 
However, now we have a few potential problems. 
First off, we had better connect the speakers in proper polarity! If we accidentally ...

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