Educar has been involved with training 12 volt professionals on process, theory, and system design for many years. These articles address the process of selling, installing, tuning, and how to present new audio system technologies effectively.
Why do so may OEMs use the 6x9/2” two-way front stage?

Recently on the Educar Integration FB group, someone asked about this from an upgrade point of view - “What’s the best way to upgrade a Toyota with this 6x9/2” speaker setup? Should we just go straight to a 6-and-tweeter two-way?”
I’ve recently been working on a few of these vehicles, and I think I understand better than before why some OEMs use these sizes - and what we can do successfully in these cases.
And, as often happens, it all circles back to what I call The Three Problems of Car Stereo:

One Side is Louder.
One Side Sounds Different.
One Side Gets To You First.

All of these are problems that foul up stereo in a car, but can be solved in the home simply by sitting in between the speakers and aiming them properly.
For the purposes of this exercise, let’s assume we’re talking about an amplified premium system with active channels. Yes, I understand that we are often upgrading base audio packages - but the speaker provisions are often the same, and those speaker provisions were designed for the premium systems. This assumption helps explain the logic behind the design decisions which put that size of speakers in those lo...

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