Quality Assurance - Not Just for Factories
I see conversations on social media about how to deal with potential clients who are particular. Most of the comments make me cringe. I want a client who is particular, I want a client who cares a lot about their car - so we get an opportunity to show that we care even more. 
Due to the complexity of system integrations today, we should all have quality assurance procedures in place. We would be horribly angry if our manufacturers shipped us defective product at the same rate that our industry delivers defective installations. 
This three-phase plan is based on a similar process used in the construction industry. I’ve modified it for us. 
This should not be free - no one should do it for free, and it should not be “thrown in as an afterthought”.  This should be baked into your price. 
Phase 1: Preparation
Is there a “work order”? This means different things for different shops - it might be an invoice, or a sales order, or an estimate form. Regardless of what your shop uses to start the job, it needs to be completed. 
Is there a system diagram? If the job has any complexity beyond a speaker swap, a block diagram is really important, even if it’s drawn with crayon on the back of a napkin. If the salesperson can’t block diagram it, I’m not convinced they actually have a plan. 
Are all the parts on hand? If not, what is the ETA for those parts, a...

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