Educar regularly "sits down" virtually with industry veterans worth listening to, and asks questions about their careers and what they're working on now.
This month we're going international and chatting with Emilio Vagnoni of Elettromedia.
Emilio Vagnoni is best known in Europe as the “father” of one of the oldest car-audio brands in the world. Audison’s parent company, Elettromedia, is one of the largest makers of aftermarket car audio, and one of the most experienced with DSP. He graciously agreed to this interview with Educar Magazine.

Thanks very much for agreeing to this interview. How did you first get into car audio, and when?
Before finishing my studies in electronics I had to choose whether to go to the cinema with the girlfriend or buy transistors: the transistors won as I never got married! ????
With these components I enjoyed building low power amplifiers, some of which were tube amplifiers. Then in the year 1972, in my Fiat 127 a very popular car in those years in Italy, I made up myself an installation with an AM radio (Voxson) a cassette deck by Philips and one of the first car audio amplifier engineered and manufactured by me with 2 channels bridged in transformers-push-pull configuration.

What’s the biggest change from back then to now?
50 years have passed and all has changed, all the evolutions have passed in front of my eyes, hands and ears. The only thing has remained untouched is my pas...

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