Educar regularly "sits down" virtually with industry veterans worth listening to, and asks questions about their careers and what they're working on now.
This month we talk with Manville Smith, car-audio veteran, and VP of Marketing at JL Audio. Manville is a wicked-smart guy, and his answers show a lot of thought. Many thanks to Manville for agreeing to be our inaugural interview at Educar Magazine.

How did you get into car audio, and when?
In 1986, I was looking for a job after I decided I didn’t want to work for my Dad. So, I saw an ad for “Stereo Sales” in the newspaper. Since I had a decent audio background as an enthusiast, I figured that might be a fun job. So I applied at Speaker Warehouse in Hollywood, FL, and got the job.

What’s the biggest change from back then to now?
The store I worked at originally was pretty cutting edge for the mid 1980’s. They were already selling big car amplifiers, doing subwoofer systems and selling signal processors. A few years after I joined they were also heavy into car audio competition at the national level.  If we take a snapshot of that time and compare it to today, the biggest change is the need to integrate with ever more complex factory electronics. The  head unit swap is the exception today, rather than the rule.

What are your job title and responsibilities now?
I am VP-Marketing by title, but I also have responsibilities in produ...

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