Jerry Villa, Alex Mendez, and Alejandro CaballeroShowtime Audio, Chicago, IL

We recently had a longtime client bring us this Jaguar. We hadn’t seen this particular vehicle before, and the Meridian audio system was definitely complicated. We knew our client, though, and we knew he would want lots of output, and lots of bass.
We found some information on the Educar Integration group, and spoke with Ken Ward a bit. This system is very similar to the Meridian system found in some Range Rovers. It uses an automotive Ethernet network, using a digital network protocol called AVB. No external preamps were available for this car at the time, and we don’t know if any are available now. That forced us to only consider plans which used the outputs of the Meridian amplifier.

There is an active 2-way center, and active 3-ways in all 4 corners. There are 2 rear D-pillar effects speakers, and a subwoofer. That adds up to a 17-channel fully-active system. The front dash mids and tweeters are combination units, with a midrange and a tweeter wired separately but in a common frame.

It has four stereo presentation settings in the audio menu - Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, Stereo, and Meridian.
Now, none of those settings sounded good to us - or, more importantly, to our client. Our research told us that the Dolby and DTS modes were multichannel upmixed modes with tw...

We hope you enjoyed this preview!

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