I first met Fraser Hiebert and Kurt Porter in 2019 - I was doing training for the Canadian Elettromedia importer at the time, and NextGen of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, had just picked up Hertz and Audison. We did a “onboarding” webinar with them - back before webinars were cool. 
Well, over the next year-and-a-half, I’d hear from Fraser and Kurt occasionally with questions - always really good, I-did-read-the-manual sort of questions, the kind I enjoy answering. I helped them set up a Logic 7-upmixer retention demo system in Kurt’s C-Class, that sort of thing. 
This particular client ordered a new 2021 GMC Sierra 2500, and wanted a first-rate stereo system to be integrated with the GMC Intellilink head unit. 

The truck came to NextGen almost right off the lot, and great care was taken to protect it in the bay.

The vehicle came with the factory Bose amplified system. This system uses phase equalization to provide good imaging to both front-seat occupants. 

Fraser decided to eliminate that processing, start with good old 2-channel stereo, and deliver a one-seat stereo presentation, so a Zen Audio AVB-GM external preamp was used. Like other Zen Audio preamps, this device connects to the digital infotainment network in the vehicle, intercepts messages sent to the Bose amplifier f...

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