This project was an opportunity to test an upgrade path which some of you already know (I’m looking at you, Ray, Derek, and Chris).
The last time I got to work on one of these trucks was 2014, and I didn’t know what Bose was up to back then. Now, armed with better understanding, I signed up to help my friend upgrade his 2016 GMC Sierra. To be fair, he was really after a CarPlay upgrade (which we will discuss in another article), but I managed to get him onboard with audio as well.
He’s not an audiophile. He’s a cinephile - his day job is video production - and he likes good audio, but he’s not an audiophile.

For those of you who haven’t already committed this vehicle to memory, Bose has a 7-channel amplifier, in this case getting its signal off of the MOST 50  “MOST-over-copper” network. GM seems to be moving away from MOST 50 to a new “standard” called AVB, as of 2019, but the concept here is the same.
These Bose systems lack a center channel, and they lack any unusual settings in the tone-control menu. Using the Educar TestTune app and following the instructions, we get a center image from either front seat. In point of fact, from the driver’s seat, the image was maybe 2 inches left of center. From the passenger seat, the center image was, well, in the center of the windshield.
Now, knowing what I know about how comb filtering works, and how phase equalization wo...

We hope you enjoyed this preview!

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