Here it is, our first Project of the Month! Future projects will be drawn from actual sales at retail, but since this is our inaugural issue, I’m drawing from my own private stash of projects. Prices are estimated in this case (they're what I would charge someone who wasn't family), and install times are actual. This is a sale I would not hesitate to make at retail.
My sister and brother-in-law live in Hawaii, and they plan on taking some road trips around the Lower 48 now that the kids are grown. I recently helped them purchase a 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser (they have one at home and really like it). They asked me to upgrade the tech and the sound, and after that, they plan to fit it for overlanding - lift kit, rooftop tent, solar panel on the hood, that sort of thing. I planned out the upgrade, and Pierce Barrett at Musicar Northwest in Portland, OR, made it all happen.

In-Dash Receiver

First, they knew they wanted CarPlay. This FJ lacked steering-wheel controls, so I wanted them to have a volume knob, and I also wanted them to have a rear USB so we could install the USB port out of the way (we put it into the top-dash glove compartment.

We used the Sony AX210 CarPlay CD receiver, paired with an iDatalink RR2 radio-replacement interface. The Sony has a rear USB and a volume knob, and the RR2 gave  us individual TPMS info for each tire, as well as gauges on the screen.
I am not a fan of any of t...

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