Kicker KEYLOCThis shouldn’t be thought of as an expensive LOC – it should be thought of as a low-cost EQ-correcting DSP, with an LOC built in!
What is it?An advanced correcting DSP hiding inside a two-channel active Line Output Converter.
What’s it cost?Retail $130, I’d sell it for more.
The PlusesAuto-EQ correction, auto-all-pass-filter correction, high-voltage signal capability, basic Low/Mid/High signal content indicators, ridiculously low price.
The MinusesNot ready to install out of the box, poor documentation, slightly complex setup with sensitivity to overload, ridiculously low price

Why we tested itIt does some really cool things, at an unheard-of price point!

The KEYLOC comes in a small cardboard box - not a blister pack - so it needs to be in the stockroom, it can’t hang on a hook. In the box we found a wiring harness, the device itself in a plastic bag, a quick reference guide, and a few odds and ends.
OK, I said it does some cool things. What, exactly?
The first cool thing the KEYLOC can do for you is detect what frequencies are available on the speaker wires you have found. Kicker calls this Passive Frequency Detection, and it’s basically a three-band RTA - bass, mid, and treble. This is good for installers who don’t have RTAs, so they can make sure they aren’t about to try to get subwoofer signal off of midrange speaker leads, for example. (It’s better to have an RTA, of cou...

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