Today in product reviews, we’re talking about the Connection Sli 2.2 passive Line Output Converter. I hoped to test one of these out early in the year, but as you may have heard, 2020 has been awkward.
Full disclosure, I have Elletromedia as a client, but I didn’t get paid to do this, and they didn’t know I was doing these tests.

This is a passive Line Output Converter in Elettromedia’s Connection line. Big deal. Passive Line Output Converters have been on the wane for a few years. They have a bad reputation for introducing noise, rolling off in the bass, and generally damaging the sound. Active LOCs have been growing in popularity the past ten years.
Well, this may very well be the best passive LOC I've ever seen.
The reason I was excited to see it and test it was, the specs say it can handle 35V RMS. I have seen some other LOCs (all active) SAY they can handle that kind of voltage, but some clip the signal pretty badly while doing it. I think this is the biggest reason for the growth in popularity in active LOCs, is the rare cars that will melt a $20 passive LOC.
I put it on the bench and connected it to the outputs of a subwoofer amplifier, and the SLI2.2 didn't clip at 35V at either 50 Hz or 1kHz. That's about where my power supply was giving up, so I didn't go past redline on this run, but it definitely works as advertised. This makes it the only passive LOC I know of which can be used on the high-voltage ...

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