About Us

Educar was founded to help car-audio professionals continue their education. Educar Magazine is a new tool to accomplish that. 

We’re about the business of car audio. We won’t be telling you everything else you ought to be doing instead. We want autosound to be a healthy and respected category, and we aim to help with that.

Educar is online from day one. That means we can avoid the limitations on word count, page count, and number of images that print publications must endure. One of the ways we will create lasting value is by going long when long is required.

Educar is written by experts in the field. We are looking at deep dives into various topics, not superficial overviews. Being entertaining is nice, but being educational is essential to the health and longevity of our category.

Educar is relevant to the car-audio professional. We are specifically for people who want to do better car audio, profitably. Our content is structured like this:

  • The Magazine: About Us, From the Editor, Registration
  • Interviews – our first interview is with Manville Smith of JL Audio
  • Projects – there’s a Project of the Month, which is examined commercially, not just technically or visually
  • Reviews: products, tools, and services
  • Installation: Acoustics and Tuning, Fabrication and Design, and OE Integration
  • Business: Sales, Management, and Marketing topics will be covered.

Not every topic will be covered every month. We want every article to give you actionable information. We will send out messages when new articles are posted. We’d like to hear from you about what you’d like to know more about – but be warned, Educar Magazine focuses on autosound.

We are funded by advertising. We need you to register your real name and email to get your free subscription, but that’s pretty standard. We will ask you some questions when you register, because we (and our advertisers) need to know who the audience is. We will be responsible about how we display ads to you.

We take reviews really seriously. Perfect products are rare, and as a former product manager, I know how hard it is to bring great products to market. At the same time, your success is based on using the right products in the right way, and we need to help you do that. Advertisers won’t influence review content – that’s a problem on social media, but it won’t be a problem here.

We are an alternative to social media. In-depth explanations aren’t good fits for social media, but that’s exactly what we’re here for.

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Ken Ward, Founding Editor